Episode no. Season 1
Episode 17
Directed by Eagle Egilsson
Written by Jim Barnes
Produced by Marc David Alpert
Original air date April 7, 2011
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Covenants is the seventeenth episode of Nikita.


Michael shows up in Nikita's lair and tells her that he knows Alex is the mole. Michael threatens to tell Percy about Alex unless Nikita finds Kasim, the man who killed Michael's family, in the next 24 hours.


Michael finds his way to Nikita, saying that he knows that Alex is the mole in Division. He gives Nikita an ultimatum: find Kasim or else he reveals Alex's cover.

Alex starts to wonder whether she should truly leave Division, because Nathan might be caught in the fallout from that. Nikita says that the only way to keep Nathan safe is to come clean and break up with him.

Nikita travels to Russia to meet Ari, leader of Gogol. She says that she needs money, and therefore needs to hijack a transport of heroin (aboard Kasim's trucks) going through Ari's territory. She can steal the drugs and split the profits with Ari. Through this plan, Nikita hopes to get a little closer to Kasim. Ari agrees, and at first the plan goes well, until Nikita tries to trace the drivers' panicked calls to their leader.

Meanwhile, Alex talks to Nathan, thoroughly determined to break up with him. Things don't actually go very well and they end up sleeping together.

Percy shuts down any plans Michael may have had to track down Kasim himself, reminding him that the black boxes and their guardians are much more important.

Nikita manages to nab Kasim, and she contacts Michael about some new terms to their deal. She wants him to offer up the locations of all the black boxes as well as who is guarding them, or else she will hand Kasim over to the police.

Kasim is about to be rescued by his men when Michael arrives to take down all the guards. Before Michael kills Kasim, however, Kasim has a little confession to make. Kasim was once a member of Division, and he was ordered by Percy to kill Michael's family. Shocked, Michael is unable to take Kasim's life, and Nikita must do it instead.

Michael returns to Division, full of rage at Percy, but he seems to hide it well. Later, he arrives at Nikita's apartment, and they share a kiss.