Senator Kerrigan and Nikita

Senator Jack Kerrigan was a United States senator who was on a committee in charge of financing for agencies such as Division. He was portrayed by Spencer Garrett.


Division sends Thom to eliminate Anna Harcourt, a woman who was having a secret affair with U.S. Senator Jack Kerrigan. Division agrees to cover up any trace of the affair as long as the Senator agrees to help pass a bill that will continue to fund the agency. Nikita finds and speaks with Anna's ex-boyfriend, Oliver. He tells Nikita about following Anna one night when she went to a place called Regal House. Nikita goes to the Regal House to find clues, and Percy arrives soon after with the Senator.

Nikita runs upstairs. The Cleaner sees room 17's phone line is lit, so he goes upstairs to investigate. Nikita hangs up the phone and runs to another room. She hears the conversation where Percy tells the Senator that he needs a bill to pass and to get the others to vote for it. Nikita escapes without anyone knowing. Later, Nikita finds out that Anna was pregnant with the Senator’s baby and notifies the police of a disturbance at Anna’s apartment. Meanwhile, Percy briefs the team and tells that they need to protect Senator Kerrigan and that it is the rules of the game.

Nikita learns that Anna's parents aren’t who they supposed to be, instead they are Russian handlers. The truth is Anna was a Russian spy whose job was to seduce the Senator. Gogol wants Nikita to kill the Senator. They shoot Nikita up with a nasty virus that can kill her in twelve hours. Gogol will give Nikita the antidote once she kills the Senator. Nikita asks Alex to get the antidote from Division and plant it on Thom who will be guarding the Senator at a party. Finally it’s the night when the Senator votes on a bill that would give money to Division.

Nikita uses a guard at the party to convince Division to kill the Russian handler. Michael and his team kill the handler, and Nikita finds out that they are taking the Senator to the kitchen. Nikita meets Thom and the Senator in the kitchen, knocks Thom unconscious and takes the green antidote pill from his pocket. She has the Senator confess to the affair and at the same moment, it is being recorded. Michael comes in but doesn’t find Nikita. He hears her laugh and finds out that she is with the Senator.

She says that they have to get fresh air and Michael follows. Nikita drags the Senator to her car, takes out the dead handler and drives off. Nikita escapes while using the Senator as a body shield.