Portrayed by Bug Hall
Status: Cancelled
Cause of Death: Shot by Sean
Occupation: Division Agent
Organization: Division
Position/Rank: Cleaner
Guard (former)
Gender: Male
Nikita franchise: Nikita (CW series)
First appearance: The Recruit
Latest appearance: Crossbow
Appearance Count: 2

Robbie was a Division recruit during Alex's batch.


As a recruit, Robbie had always dreamed of being done with his training and getting out once he became a field agent. He had always been positive and even gave Alex advice on occasions. Although, he was also quite over-confident about himself and often made his other fellow recruits feel inefficient.

Upon promotion, he became a guard, contrasting his dreams of becoming a field agent and seeing the world. According to them, this was because he followed orders well, and due to his attitude towards the other recruits and the authority he seemed to have over them, making him perfect for internal security. In a fit of anger, he shot every guard who had teased him he came across that day, until Alex managed to get through to him. Division then faked his death, making the recruits think he was punished for what he had done, but, in reality, Amanda and the others has decided that his brutality was a good trait for a Cleaner.