Trevor is an arms dealer. Trevor is portrayed by Salvatore Antonio.

Season 1Edit

Nikita was doing a bit of shopping in a very high-end boutique complete with musum lighting, personal service and tastefully displayed items for purchase which happen to be deadly weaponry while a Chopin Nocturne plays softly in the background. Trevor, a well-dressed arms dealer, calls her one of his favorite customers, and Nikita coos over the beauty of some guns like they are jewelry. She notices a gun sitting by itself, but Trevor notes it's his own. She runs her hand across it thoughtfully, then she comes across a big honking sniper rifle and sighs, "Love!"

She places her order on the spot and asks if Trevor’s prices are still the same. Trevor tells her that his prices have gone, up picks up his gun and aims it at her. He says that the price on her head is much more now that she's gone rogue. He says there's a "great demand for her corpse." He pulls the trigger on the gun, but it doesn't fire, since Nikita turned the safety on when she touched it. He's positively aghast. "Don't worry, Trev; it happens to lots of guys," she says. Nikita hoists her new and very large gun into position and lines him up in the cross hairs.

She says she’ll keep the gun, and he’ll keep breathing. Later, Michael pays a visit to Trevor's elegant little black market shop.

Trevor's face pays a visit to a table with Michael's help. Michael wants Nikita's info, but Trevor plays dumb. Coincidentally, Nikita calls Trevor and asks him to give the phone to Michael.