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Walter, the oldest surviving operative in Section One, is head of Munitions, responsible for creating new and necessary gadgets, tools and weapons for Section operatives to use on various missions. While initially attracted to Nikita upon her arrival into Section, he ultimately becomes her loyal friend and confidante, even participating in a cover-up to hide the ongoing romantic status of Nikita and Michael. His brief marriage to, and loss of, Belinda, an "abeyance operative" (one who is scheduled for elimination by Section One), is ample motivation to do anything to get back at what he perceives to be Operations' cruelty. Also, in the series finale, after Operations' death, Walter reveals to Quinn that he once saved Operations' life. Operations did not thank him, but also did not cancel him, even though they had many reasons to do so over the years. Walter states: "I guess in the end, we both came out about even